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Fire Roasted Corn and Tomato Chowder

With fall rapidly approaching, it means one thing. Soup. Well, maybe it means things like apple-picking and pumpkin pie, too, but for now, it just means soup. Specifically this smoky corn and tomato chowder. With the corn and tomatoes blistering … Continue reading

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Wacky Cupcakes

This is a Depression-era recipe handed down from my Grandmother. Her family never had much money growing up, so this cake became a staple for her because it’s both inexpensive and decadent in taste. She, in turn, made this cake … Continue reading

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Tuna Tartare

The weather has been absolutely stunning lately, so Bryan and I had to take advantage of it this weekend and go for a long hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We hiked up to some waterfalls and drank a bottle … Continue reading

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Whole Roasted Red Snapper

Roasting a whole fish seems a whole lot more daunting than it actually is. In fact, I had never even considered making it until I saw Alton Brown roast a whole fish on Good Eats. After that, I’d been on … Continue reading

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Grilled Duck Breast with Black Cherry-Balsamic Reduction

Duck breast has always been one of those foods that I adore in restaurants but have been insanely intimidated to cook. Not so for my dad. Oh, he enjoys it in restaurants all right (but not nearly as much as … Continue reading

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Spicy Black Bean Burgers

I may be a freak of the American south, but I’m really not that big a fan of hamburgers. Black bean burgers on the other hand, I absolutely love. Probably because they’re frequently flavored with Latin American spices, but I … Continue reading

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Brussels Sprout Hash with Bacon

Growing up, I was pretty indifferent about brussels sprouts. I would eat them willingly enough, but I never went out of my way to have brussels sprouts. Then I had dinner at Zocalo in Charlottesville, and it rocked my brussels … Continue reading

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