Tuna Tartare

The weather has been absolutely stunning lately, so Bryan and I had to take advantage of it this weekend and go for a long hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We hiked up to some waterfalls and drank a bottle of wine we brought with us as fuel for the hike back. Wine is great fuel, right?

A view from the Parkway.

I don’t know if it was the hiking or the wine, but by the time we got home, we were both way too exhausted to grill the beautiful tuna sitting in our fridge. Fortunately, it was sashimi-grade, so a super simple tuna tartare was born, served over a bed of baby arugula and next to some delicious soy noodles. The perfect end to a wonderful day.


1/2 lb sashimi-grade tuna
1 T basil olive oil (or olive oil and 3-4 leaves of basil)
1 t mineral salt
1 t cayenne (mine’s a little old, so adjust based on your palate)

When it’s very cold from the refrigerator, dice your tuna into about 1/4″ pieces. Eat the errant uneven ones because you’re the cook here, and that’s your right as cook.

In a small bowl, toss with olive oil, salt, and cayenne. Cover, and let come to room temperature before serving.

To get the classic ring shape of tartare, you can cheat if you don’t have a ring mold and use a cookie cutter instead. Just lay your cookie cutter on the plate, and gently press the tartare into the circle. When you have the amount you want for a serving, remove the mold, and admire your handiwork.

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