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Chili-Chocolate Souffle

The Daring Cooks this month took on quite a daring challenge: souffle. It’s considered one of the most challenging and finicky deserts to make, so I was super excited to test my culinary prowess. Turns out it’s actually not nearly … Continue reading

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Beef Carnitas

My love of Latin food is a very poorly kept secret. In fact, when I’m sick, I tend to crave Mexican food. Fortunately (for you, at least), I’ve had a cold for the past week or so, which means spicy … Continue reading

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Sugared Doughnut Holes

This month’s Daring Baker’s challenge proved to be just that: a challenge. Through a serious of hilarious events, my procrastination meant that when I had an urgent phone call to come into work, I had to leave my sponge proofing … Continue reading

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